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January 4 – Archaeology and Erech

Genesis 8:1-10:32
Matthew 4:12-25
Psalm 4:1-8
Proverbs 1:20-23

About the One Year Bible Reading Plan — Some have asked why we’re bouncing around from Genesis to Matthew to Psalms to Proverbs. Many people start reading the Bible “straight through,” and while they’re enjoying the dramatic histories of Genesis, by the time they end up in the Levitical teachings and genealogies (the “less exciting” parts of the Bible), many people get fatigued and quit. I heard a gentleman say that every January he tries to read through the Bible, but he’s read Genesis more than any other book of the Bible. By “bouncing around” you get a mix of the genres (types of writings) in the Bible: Old Testament (law, history, prophets), New Testament (gospels, epistles), Psalms (praise and prayer requests), Proverbs (wisdom literature). As the year progresses, we’ll point out some of the genres and things to look for, especially in Psalms and Proverbs – Hebrew poetry is quite different from English poetry!

Genesis 10:10 is an interesting verse that is referenced in the Special Collections Room at the Cleveland Public Library. I noticed an ancient artifact with a letter above it, and the Librarians were gracious enough to send over a scan of the original letter from the archaeologist. The archaeologist states that this artifact is from the city cited in Genesis 10:10.

Matthew 4:17 is the first mention of the Kingdom of Heaven, a phrase found only in Matthew’s gospel.

Psalm 4:3 is a great promise: “… the Lord will hear when I call unto him.”

Psalm 4:8 — We can sleep because of safety in Him!

Proverbs 1:22 — Take note of the three people who reject wisdom, we’ll meet them quite regularly.

By the way, in Proverbs we’ll see a few themes emphasized repeatedly. Les Ollila has provided some helpful definitions:

The FEAR of God is Practicing the Conscious Awareness of His Presence.

WISDOM is seeing life from God’s Perspective.

KNOWLEDGE is getting Truth into Me.

UNDERSTANDING is applying that Truth in every scenario of life.

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  1. I am totally enj enjoying this. I’ve tried reading through the Bible before and it just hasn’t happened. But with your encouragement and explanations it really makes reading an enjoyable time. This is a fabulous idea thank you so much for your work on this project. I’m sure you are reaping benefits because of it. May God continue to bless!

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