Daily Encouragement

February 2 – Don’t Murmur!

Exodus 15:19-17:7
Matthew 22:1-33
Psalm 27:1-6
Proverbs 6:20-26

Exodus 15:24 — Murmur is used 10 times in this passage, and this passage is the only time murmur is found in Exodus. Murmuring is not open, blatant rebellion; it’s a quiet grumbling – more like half-hearted obedience (or half-hearted disobedience). How do you think God feels about murmuring?

Exodus 16:15 — Manna will be feeding the Israelites from now until Joshua 5:12. It’s mentioned in Nehemiah 9:20 and Psalm 78:24. According to Hebrews 9:4, it was stored in the Ark of the Covenant. Jesus talked about it in John 6:31, John 6:49, and John 6:58. Wonder what it tastes like? Overcome and you can eat of the hidden manna (Revelation 2:17)!

Matthew 22:7 — About 40 years after they slew the Servant (Matthew 12:18), the armies of Titus burned up the city of Jerusalem.

Matthew 22:13 — John Bunyan footnotes this verse in Pilgrim’s Progress (Chapter 36: The Fearful End of Ignorance).

Matthew 22:19 — What did the coin look like? Probably like this:

Matthew 22:29 — Congratulations on being committed to not erring! The way you can avoid erring is by knowing the Scriptures; by the way, reading through the Bible is a great way to know the Scriptures!

Psalm 27:1 — Frances Allitsen’s composition based on Psalm 27:1 (two words off) is beautiful to listen to.

Proverbs 6:24 — Again, we see the Evil/Strange Woman in contrast to the Wise Woman (Prov. 1:20) and the Proverbs 31 Woman.

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