I am thankful for a program that keeps me on track in a simple way.  The Tyndale “The One Year Bible” , which is what you are using has been an amazing tool. Reading Randy’s comments, etc. (frequently, but not every day), gives me something to look forward to in addition to my regular devotions.  I have started highlighting passages that speak to me or arouse my curiosity, and look up word meanings, etc., something I haven’t done in a while!

Thanks Randy and WVCY . . . I needed this!

Received May 30th

Just want to send a short note to let you know that I’ve enjoyed reading the Bible, & tho there were some places I’ve struggled with,  it had been a blessing. I don’t think I would’ve asked for this Bible if you hadn’t encouraged your vcy listeners to do so.Thank you for all, the wonderful ministries & music. I have several of them I love to listen to.  In the love of Christ,

Received June 2nd

Dear VCY America,  Your read through the Bible program has been so great , helps keep me going, and it is a great plan.I have read the Bible for years , but was a hit and miss plan.  Thanks for your encouragement.  God bless you all!!

Received July 17th

I just wanted to thank you for all of the extra information you provide in these daily encouragements. 

They are very helpful and quite interesting! I like reading the other commentaries and the cross references. They definitely help in my reading and study!

Received July 27th

Thank you so much for this bible challenge. I am enjoying complete. Randy, I am as the church calls us a shut-in.I spend almost 4 or 5 hrs a day reading the Bible and the commentaries.

[My husband] and I are doing it together every morning. We truly are blessed to be able to start every day with the Lord. Thank you again.

Received July 30th

Your commentary for the days reading help me in understanding the text in a deeper way. Thank you.

Received August 1st

Although I have read the Bible through several times previously, through your many & diverse insights, my understanding of what I am reading has greatly increased.

How I thank God for you! By putting the historical background in context with what is currently taking place, you are aiding us to properly evaluate why God is acting as He does, which in turn causes us to both see and appreciate God’s character rather than questioning it.

This is an invaluable service VCY is providing. Your goal is to get God’s Word into people’s hearts and minds daily, and this greatly applies that concept on a personal level. I look forward to your comments every day. 

The weekly accountability feature is excellent also.

May God bless you as you continue this good work. 

Received August 9th

Thank you so much for the ministry of VCY. What a true blessing it has been to us this year. May God bless you and meet all of your needs during these Days of Praise.

Received September 7th

Thank you all at VCY for this Challenge!I have been Blessed in so many ways that I can’t put them into any email!)Thank you Randy for your work putting these emails together they are full of information that helps me to understand certain items better!I am so glad I signed up!

Received October 14th

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you folks on the front line at VCY. I pray for your safety and that the Lord will bless you.

Received October 23