THANK YOU so much, Randy for all you do to keep us going/hold us accountable/encourage us!!! You are a BLESSING!!!May our great God richly bless your week ahead!!!

Received November 4th

I enjoy the encouragement that you send out every day! A lot of work for you!  And you could have the excuse, like a guy in Bible,  that  you married a wife! But you keep on keeping on! Thank you very much!

Received November 18

Thanks for putting this challenge together and encouraging so many people to read God’s Wonderful Word! I can’t put into words (or emails!) the amount of Spiritual Blessing I get from the daily readings!

Received November 22

Thank you for the background you provide in these emails.  I hope there will be [a] 2019 reading plan!

Received November 25

Thanks for all your efforts on this for the last year.  I’ve not read the Bible through entirely in many years.

Received December 1

After really enjoying the book of Daniel so far (it’s very readable), chapter 11 was not as easy.  What you shared below helps keep things in perspective.

Received December 3rd

Almost have it wrapped up for another year.  Love the convenience of the “daily” readings……but miss my daily chapter of Proverbs…..so will add that to the reading when I go through it for next year!   Thanks for all the commentary/interesting notes, etc. Got my readings done every day!

Received December 4th

Thanks for everything you’re doing with this!  I’m hoping to make it for a second year in a row after 27 years since reading through the Bible thrice from 1988-1990….  Glory be to God!  I really appreciate these emails and the things you share.  God bless you as we continue seeking His kingdom and righteousness.

Received Feb 26

Happy New Year to you and yours and may God Bless you all!
This is Day Two of the 2018 Bible Reading Challenge and I just wanted you to know, what a blessing it is to me.
It keeps my mind focused by having a daily Bible schedule that keeps me accountable to the Word of God.
I LOVE IT!!! As a minister, I have a lot to do but, this program is wonderful for EVERYONE to get
into God’s Word without excuse. This aids me also for getting more in depth with Scripture reading
and memorization. I will definitely recommend this site. So happy I signed up!

Received January 2

Thanks for your reminders. I began the readings yesterday on time and thought you should know that you’re reminders are appreciated. I am excited to take this journey through God’s Word and look forward to learning more about Him and His nature as my Sovereign to whom I serve and belong.

Received January 2