Daily Encouragement

January 14 – Can You Name the Twelve Disciples?

Genesis 30:1-31:16
Matthew 10:1-23
Psalm 12:1-8
Proverbs 3:13-15

Genesis 30:43 — Ever have a boss that was jealous of you? God blessed Jacob incredibly, so he increased exceedingly. But Laban had changed his wages and every time he changed the terms of the deal, God blessed Jacob even more. Sometimes you may be in an unfair position, but God sees.

Genesis 31:12 — A friend of mine shared how he wasn’t being treated fairly in a business situation. Thankfully God keeps ultimate score even when we feel like we’re losing, and He will still bless us and provide as we need.

Matthew 10:2-4 — The Lord Jesus Christ introduces us to the 12 men He chose to spend time with while He was on earth. While memorizing the names of the disciples will not get us bonus points in Heaven, knowing basic biblical facts is helpful! Unfortunately, most Christians can’t name more than two or three disciples. However, many Christians could name the members of Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring, the starting lineup of the Green Bay Packers, or many other things less significant. By the way – I do best memorizing with a song – here’s “He Has Called Us Too” on YouTube that will help us memorize the 12 disciples.

Psalm 12:6 — God has a special promise for you. You’ve accepted the challenge to read through God’s Word for the first time or for an additional time. Other words are vanity, flattering, double hearted, and proud. But you’ve chosen to partake of pure words. Keep it up!

Proverbs 3:14 — Speaking of silver, the wisdom of God and the understanding from God (Proverbs 9:10) is better than silver, gold, rubies, and even Bitcoin. Bitcoin is included in the “all things thou canst desire” in Proverbs 3:15.

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